Wednesday, 14 August 2013

love quotes ~~

assalamualaikum .

haa jgn terkezzuuttt kalau aku reka love quotes sndri .. meh tgok kat bwh .. yg pasti 100 % ORIGINAL from me ok ! :'D

"i will wait for you even for thousands years" this is crap . "i'll keep praying to Allah so that our jodoh will till jannah" THIS IS SO TRUE .

"lend me your shoulder when i'm crying . " NO . i don't want that . "lend me your heart when i'm crying ." YES . this is what i want :')

you said you love me . words can't prove that . prove that by your actions . i still can't see that .

you throw me out of your life . thank you . but for me, i will not do that .

you keep breaking your promises but yet i still hoping that one day you will not break your promise again . i'll pray for it .

i dissapointed on you but i cure my heart by remembering the good things on you :')

you should know that how matter it is i will never give up on you . 

keep ignoring but one thing you should know . iloveyou :')

boys . respect your girl as you respect yourself . love her as you love yourself . protect her as you protect yourself . but if you treat your girl more than yourself , you are just awesome and gentleman :')

understanding, caring, protecting and keep praying to Allah is just a perfect blend in a relationship .

love his/her imperfections today, and you will love his/her strengthness forever .

keep saying that you didn't know how to persuade your partner . whether you never put an effort on it or you just ignoring your partner's feelings after you got her .

making a lot of excuses in a relationship is just loosing it's bonding . trust me .

always try to do something that you never do in your life just to make sure your partner happy . trust me if you just giving the excuses to your partner just because you never put an effort on it, you will lose his/her trust :)

haaa sekian luahan hati gue :') just xtau tetibe in mood jiwang cmni .. kihkihkih .. assalamualaikum .

" hargai pasangan anda selagi dia masih ada dan sentiasalah doa agar jodoh sehingga syurga "

ooooppps lupa nak cakap . walau siapa pon kita sayang, ingat simpan sedikit keraguan pada dia supaya suatu hari nanti kita tak terlalu kecewa . dan jangan lupa CINTA SEJATI kepada ALLAH YG MAHA SATU wajiblah yang pertama :) remember to the who CREATE us :')



  1. Reply cinta Allah swt. You'll never feel sad sebab Allah swt is there for you. No heartbreak or whatsoever sebab CINTA Allah swt adalah yang hakiki.